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Why Genie Canvas?

Genie Canvas was developed with moving and shipping large artwork in mind. Large crates or boxes are difficult to make, hard to carry and are vulnerable to damage. They are also very expensive to ship. Genie Canvas takes aim at all of these issues by creating a patented canvas system designed from the beginning with shipping and quality in mind. 

  Genie Canvas is designed to be assembled and taken apart as often as you like. The hinged crossbars and endbars are easy to insert during assembly, easily removed during disassembly for shipping, while the longer sides are pre­stapled during manufacture. This allows the canvas to be rolled around a slotted 4 inch diameter tube, which neatly stores the crossbars inside during transport. The rolled canvas is then slid inside a sturdy 6 inch tube for shipment. 

   All necessary packaging ­ tubes, foam sheeting, plastic bag and pre­made hanging wire are included when you order a blank Genie Canvas. There is no need to buy or make boxes or crates when you are ready to deliver or ship your Artwork. Your finished painting is easily assembled WITH NO TOOLS and ready to hang by the patron or gallery in under 5 minutes. 

   The decreased shipping dimensions reduce shipping costs of larger works to a fraction of delivering a fully stretched canvas. A 48”x72” inch painting in a box will cost around $700 to ship from NY to LA since it must travel as freight. The same Genie Canvas will be about $40 for the same trip via FEDEX Ground. A 48x72” travels from London to Madrid for about 55 British Pounds. 

About Us

Genie Canvas was started 2 years ago in an attempt to help artists ship larger pieces more easily and inexpensively.  We've come a long way from the complicated, one-off versions that helped us get on the right track.  The current Genie Canvas is so easy to work with, you'll wonder what's taken so long for it to be invented.  Once you experience the process of painting and delivering a Genie Canvas, we think you'll be a believer.


Sandi Baker - Artist

This changes everything. 

I wanted to write a bit about this new Genie Canvas to let my fellow artists know that life just got a whole lot better if you ship art. Do not hesitate to try it, you will be amazed!

I am a professional fine artist and I have been shipping my work worldwide for over a decade. Most of my business is from internet sales so shipping is a big deal in my studio. My sizes up until now have been limited due to shipping restrictions and cost. 

I decided to try Genie Canvas after watching the video because I felt it would give me more options concerning size. I had no idea how much more that this amazing canvas would give me above and beyond that. As I said, this changes everything. 

When the Genie Canvas arrived I quickly noticed how clean, streamline and professional the tube looked. My carrier had no problems handing it off to me. Oftentimes I make my own boxes for large stretched paintings and the carriers have problems managing the big, bulky and awkward packages. Even though I insure them I worry the entire time they are in transit. As I opened the tube I noticed how secure the end caps were. The contents were easy to remove and were neatly packed in a protective bag. Upon inspection I was pleasantly surprised at the extraordinarily good quality of the canvas. It was much thicker duck than I was expecting and the gesso was premium. Much better quality than anything I have bought pre-stretched anywhere. This is comparable to the quality of canvas that I gesso and stretch myself. The velcro parts were beautifully sewn on and extremely secure. I was amazed at the ease and speed in which I was able to assemble it. I feel confident that my collectors will have no problem assembling these. This will be much more convenient for them instead of having them stretched on their end by a professional when I ship rolled. It was a tightly stretched, secure and sturdy canvas and looked fantastic. The stretchers only make contact with canvas at the edges to prevent dent lines. It had modern gallery wrap edges. There was even hanging hardware, complete with instructions included that I can pass on to my collectors. Frankly, I was stunned at the high quality of this canvas. I would be proud to ship my work on this canvas to any gallery or collector anywhere - at any price range. Beyond the high quality, this canvas is going to save me so much time and money, not to mention lowering stress by relieving shipping worries. It usually takes me a solid day to properly construct a box and pack a painting for shipping. With Genie Canvas, it takes literally five minutes. Measuring, cutting, applying gesso and stretching canvas takes a lot of effort and hours of studio time. With Genie Canvas, it is stretched and ready to paint in five minutes! I know that my art will be safe on its journey and will arrive intact. My shipping costs are considerably less. I can store my paintings safely in their tubes. I can now load an entire art show into a small car, or send it all to a gallery at considerably less cost. Not only can I paint in my beloved large size range, these canvases will save me studio space, money and valuable time without sacrificing an ounce of quality. I will be painting on Genie Canvas from now on. This changes everything! 

Sandi Baker - Artist

Rosemary Cotnoir - Artist

I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with Genie Canvas. I like to work on larger canvas. When I lost out on an international sale of a 48x48 painting because the cost of shipping was almost as much as the painting. Because of that I limited myself to smaller sized canvases. It was very frustrating. Until I saw an ad for Genie Canvas. I ordered my first canvas in 48x72 for a commission. It was successful and I was able to ship the piece very easily. My only comment would be that I prefer to work in oils but it is recommended to use acrylics because of flexibility of the material, but it's not much of an issue. I would wholeheartedly recommend Genie Canvas



Elizabeth Jesion – Artist

I wanted to say another “thank you”!! I was suspicious of the canvas because  it sounded too good to be true. It was a breeze to put together and I was very pleasantly surprised at the tightness of the canvas. I am very happy with it!


I have a commission I am doing of the Madison skyline and it is on a tight schedule, so I appreciate how quickly it came as well!

I will definitely be recommending your canvases to my friends!


Thanks again!



Elizabeth Jesion

Madison, Wisconsin


Adam Kiger – Artist

My relationship with Mike Schwed and Genie Canvas has really benefited me and my art beyond expectation. The products that Mike presided over, as well as provided, helped to transform my artistic process
from a series of fly-by-night, haphazard methods to a unified, cost efficient business.

In the beginning I was skeptical of what Genie Canvas could really offer. I was already comfortable with retaining my canvas materials at a moments notice and more importantly, I was content with turning a
blind eye to the logistic aspects that engulf the final process within the sales with my work. Ready-to-go canvases at my local art-supply store carry a level of convenience, but that handiness comes with a
price… a price that I unfortunately had to pass along to the buyer.

Although I was hesitant to forge any level of forward momentum with Genie Canvas, Mike was patient when I seemed overwhelmed and cautious, yet he maintained the highest level of professionalism that I needed
while offering a genuine, personal touch with every conversation we had. For me, the introduction to the product, to the company and to Mike and his family went beyond the selling of a canvas to
fundamentally altering my pessimistic views of the business world and its everyday, impersonal transactions.

Today I am living the benefits. I am creating my work on a higher quality plane. I have transformed into a more mature artist, one that puts his buyers first by understanding that the cost of a pre-made
canvas may be fiscally responsible in the short-term, but in the long run, the complexity in pricing adjustments takes a toll in everyone’s wallet… especially when shipping across the United States. I now only
have to make one trip when transporting my work to local shows and the best part… I have solidified an authentic relationship with a real company and a sincere owner. I couldn’t be more proud than to say I
know Mike Schwed. Better yet, I couldn’t be more excited than to know my creations will literally exist atop the Genie Canvas name.

Adam Kiger


Kathleen Fox – Artist

I had the most amazing package arrive at my door today! It was a 5 foot long tube, and inside was a 5X3 canvas rolled up. The top and bottom had wood bars attached, and the sides and center bars were very simple to attach. The whole thing stretched better than many other canvases I have bought prestretched. All you artists out there who would like large canvases but think shipping is a problem, check out COLLAPSIBLE CANVAS here on fb. I kept the tubes and wrappings, because I can ship it in the same container once it is painted and sold. No more large, expensive shipping crates for paintings! I LOVE these guys!!! You gotta check it out. Tell me what you think, when you do. I’m sure you will love it, too!!!


Amy Giacomelli – Artist

I’ve been really pleased with these new canvases, as I can finally offer very large pieces to customers without have to tell them it will be $400 just for shipping alone. They really do assemble in about 2 minutes, without the need for special tools. They go together so easily, and the stretcher bars they are made with are a nice 1 1/2″ depth. It’s so great to have a whole new product line I can offer my clients. Thank you so much for offering this great new product!

Amy Giacomelli


Mary Rocheleau Tracy – Patron

I can’t believe how easy it was to mount our beautiful canvas! The custom frame almost puts itself together – the sides fit snugly into the top and bottom frame pieces – creating a sturdy foundation for the canvas. The canvas requires only slight stretch over the frame and adheres with strategically placed velcro. A wooden slat is then attached to the middle and you’re done.


Megan Aroon Duncanson – Artist

“When I first heard about “Big Daddy Canvas” in the conception stage I couldn’t believe what I was hearing?! An enormous single stretched canvas that I can paint on AND ship to my customer without the need for professional stretching?! It seemed too good to be true, but this new patent pending design is something I could only have dreamed of before and lives up to every expectation I had, and then some. Now I am finally able to offer enormous canvases to my clients without the added exorbitant expense of stretching or shipping such a huge painting; they can open up their package with a completed painting and within minutes have a huge original painting with gallery wrapped sides hanging on their wall. I’m a customer for life!!” – MADART ~ Megan Aroon Duncanson

MADART ~ “Art that Colors the Soul”TM
Megan Aroon Duncanson


Patty Schwed Baker – Artist

I have always wanted to paint in large format, but it is troublesome from an art seller perspective. Shipping large canvases – both getting them blank from the supplier and sending finished pieces to patrons – is expensive. In addition, packing up a finished painting for safe shipment is time consuming. With Big Daddy Canvas, these concerns are a thing of the past. I paid $15 shipping to get my canvas and spend between $15 and $30 shipping the finished 4×6 foot (48×72″) anywhere in the lower 48 states. The canvas comes in a fully reusable tube with all the packing materials you need to pack it safely for delivery to your customer. I spent less than 5 minutes to put it together and less than 10 to pack it up after it was finished. My customers have all raved about how easy it was to assemble upon delivery. If you’re going to paint big, this is a wonderful new innovation you have to try.

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